Mace is committed to keeping residents, stakeholders and community leaders up to date during the development of Westway Place.

A number of update events took place between the initial consent in June 2016, and the commencement of construction works in March 2018. Details of these events can be found on this page.

December 2017 Community Liaison Group meeting:

Draft Minutes – West Way CLG meeting – 18 December 2017

Update event:

Mace held an update on the Westway Place redevelopment on Tuesday 13 June 2017. A PDF version of the boards can be downloaded here:

Mace exhibition boards – 13.06.17

April 2017 Community Liaison Group meeting (to update on phasing plans):

Minutes – West Way CLG meeting – 10 April 2017

West Way – phasing update – April 2017

Temporary relocations and access routes – full site  (zoomed in version)

Image showing phasing for consented scheme

December 2016 Community Liaison Group meeting:

Minutes – West Way CLG meeting – 30 November 2016

Appendix to West Way CLG minute 30.11.16 – Note on Stopping Up Orders

The Community Liaison Group

The purpose of the Community Liaison Group is to provide updates on the progress of the redevelopment.

Over thirty elected representatives and community organisations are invited to attend Community Liaison Group meetings.

Community Liaison Group Meetings are chaired by David McFarlane of community engagement consultancy SP Broadway.